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New Surgical Tables Make an Impact

The Outpatient Clinic at Woodstock Hospital is a busy place. They provide a number of essential services to our community including: orthopedic, urology, general medical/surgical, ophthalmology, gynecology, pain control and transfusions. Along with the nurses who work in the outpatient clinic, family physicians and specialists have weekly clinics which see hundreds of patients in a week.

With the wide range of services offered through the Outpatient Clinic, the equipment needed is extensive. Funds raised through the 2019 Dairy Capital Run supported the needs of the Outpatient Clinic; last year we were able to purchase two surgical tables to replaced dated equipment.

While surgical tables seem basic, the capabilities of the new beds are impressive. These new beds provide better patient care and ease for nurses and physicians by lowering closer to the ground, converting into different positions for several types of exams/ procedures, and are easier to move around. The biggest feature is that they can be x-rayed through, eliminating the need to move patients during procedures.