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We Care Campaign Has a Successful Year

‘Let’s make a difference together’ was the slogan for this year’s We Care Campaign, Woodstock Hospital’s own staff giving campaign, designed to encourage WH staff members to give a minimum of $5 off each pay cheque for a year. We believe that when we band together, we can have an even bigger impact on patient care at Woodstock Hospital.

Every day staff members provide compassionate care to patients and their families at WH. Through their work, they see firsthand the difference up-to-date equipment makes to patient care. Seeing this difference has encouraged a number of staff members to make an even bigger impact by signing up for payroll deductions.

This year we kicked off our week long We Care Campaign on March 2. We are proud to say this year staff members pledged to donate $16,250. All proceeds raised through the campaign support the purchase of new or upgraded equipment, which improves patient care at Woodstock Hospital.

Each pay cheque, staff members at Woodstock Hospital are choosing to make a small contribution to ensure better health care- through the funding of modern equipment- for yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighbours. Just like everyone else, they have their own reasons for choosing to give back to the Foundation. Here are some of those reasons:

Sherry McKnight, Nursing Director

“The provincial government doesn’t fund the purchase of equipment that my staff use every day to deliver exceptional care to patients. We rely on the foundation to fund these purchases, which is why I support the Foundation. Through small deductions each pay, that you don’t even notice, I can support the foundation in their efforts to improve patient care.”

Steve Baker, Clinical Educator

“The Foundation provides much of the equipment we use each day to care for our patients; supporting the Foundation supports excellent care!”

Shelby Ludington, Infection Control Professional

“New technologies promote staff excellence and better care for patients. I am happy to support the Woodstock Hospital Foundation in their efforts to ensure we have the best tools to help us provide the best care in our community.”

Lisa Laksmanis, Registered Speech Language Pathologist

The practice of giving is a virtuous one that brings great benefit to ourselves and others. Giving to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation is a wonderful opportunity to practice giving that will benefit our patients and those who care for them- now and in the future.”