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Legacy Gifts

These are only some examples of legacy gifts. We strongly encourage you discuss these options with your financial planner and/or your lawyer to discover the best way to "make a difference."

Please visit for more information.

Stocks and Securities

Recent changes in the federal tax law allows even greater incentives to make charitable gifts using appreciated, publicly listed stocks or securities. These significant changes have eliminate the capital gains tax, when securities are donated directly to a charity.

When you donate stocks or securities to the Foundation, you get a charitable tax receipt for the full value of the donated stock and eliminate the tax due on any capital gain on the securities. Simply put, the greater the gain, the greater the tax savings.

Take Stock in Health Care, Donate Stocks or Securities Now

  • Download the Letter of Instruction to transfer securities to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation
  • Complete all sections of the form, including your contact information, the contact information for your broker and the share information.
  • When the transaction is completed a tax receipt for the amount of the donation received by the Foundation will be sent to you. Since charitable tax receipts are issued based on the closing market value on the day received in the Foundation’s brokerage account, it is important that we are notified in order to extend our gratitude and issue a timely charitable tax receipt for your gift.

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