Monthly 50/50

Purchase Your Tickets Here: www.woodstock5050.ca

December 50/50 Draw

Grand Prize Draw Date: December 31, 10am

Early Bird Draw Dates: December 3, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 at 9am

License No.: RAF1227494

November Winner

Shawn Williamson, Ticket #M-1765828


October Winner

Katherine Strilisky, Ticket #L-4282922


September Winner

Janette & Vern Herrin, Ticket K-7246573


Woodstock 50/50

We're excited to be hosting a monthly 50/50 fundraiser. You could win big, while simultaneously supporting patient care at Woodstock Hospital! The raffle will run every month, starting the beginning of each month with a winner chosen at the end of each month through a random number generation system. Tickets can be purchased online only at www.woodstock5050.ca They are 200 for $40, 60 for $20, 10 for $10, and 3 for $5. After you purchase your tickets they will be sent to the email provided. 

We hope you will purchase tickets each month in support of equipment purchases at Woodstock Hospital. To be entered into each month's draw, you must buy new tickets each month.

December 50/50 Winning Ticket Numbers

Early Bird Draw #1 for a round of golf for 4 at Craigowan, December 3:

Early Bird Draw #2 for $100 Finkle St. gift card and $50 Smith's Flowers gift card, December 6:

Early Bird Draw #3 for $500 cash, December 8:

Early Bird Draw #4 for $250 Gunn's Hill gift card, December 10:

Early Bird Draw #5 for a round of golf for 4 at The Oxford Hills, December 13:

Early Bird Draw #6 for $500 cash, December 15:

Early Bird Draw #7 for $250 cash sponsored by Up N' Close, December 17:

Early Bird Draw #8 for $500 cash sponsored by Vancea Financial, December 20:

Early Bird Draw #9 for Yeti Gift Pack sponsored by Home Hardware, December 21:

Early Bird Draw #10 for $500 cash, December 22:

Early Bird Draw #11 for $500 cash sponsored by Nesbitt Coulter, December 23:

Early Bird Draw #12 for $500 cash sponsored by MW&CO, December 24:

Grand Prize Draw: December 31, 10am:

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Ontario, but I'm currently in another Province or Country, can I still purchase tickets?

Unfortunately, you MUST be in Ontario at the time of purchase.

Can I purchase tickets as a gift or for a group?

Yes you can. Please follow these steps:

  • Put the name of who the ticket is for in "Step 2"
  • If it's a group ticket, use the group leader's name and add "in trust" after the last name
  • If you want to hold the tickets until it's time to give your gift enter your email address. When its time to give your gift you can print the email with the ticket numbers or forward the email.
  • In "Step 3" put your info as the purchaser

* Only the ticket holder is eligible to claim the prize. Please ensure the information you are entering for the ticket holder is accurate including full legal name. If the winning ticket is purchased for anyone under 18 years of age the ticket will be voided and a new ticket number will be drawn*

How do I get my tickets when I order online?

After buying, you will receive an email with your receipt including your 50/50 registered numbers that are generated from a Random Number Generation System. No specific numbers can be given as numbers are generated randomly.

I purchased a ticket - can I get a refund?

Each purchase will be looked at on a case to case basis. If the request for a refund has merit and is made prior to the draw, we will determine if the refund is eligible. If you have found an issue with your purchase and would like to inquire, contact us at 519-421-4226 or foundation@wgh.on.ca

Which methods of payment are accepted?

No in-person sales, cash or debit can be accepted at this time. You can purchase tickets online with the following credit cards:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

*A this time we will not be accepting in-person sales of cash or debit*

I'm having trouble buying tickets, what do I do?

• Try using a different browser

• Ensure you are physically in Ontario when purchasing, and have clicked "yes" to sharing your location.

• Some corporate firewalls block purchases such as these, try buying at home.

• Make sure you are using an approved payment method listed above.

If you are still having trouble, please email or call us at 519-421-4226, foundation@wgh.on.ca - we would love to help you!

How is the winning number picked?

The winning ticket number will be selected by Random Number Generation (RNG) system from all raffle numbers sold for that draw date.

I didn't receive my tickets- what do I do?

First, please check your junk mail and spam folders. If you check spam and still can't find your tickets, please contact us with the information below:

  • Your name

  • The name the tickets were purchased under

  • When you purchased the tickets

  • The email address the tickets should have been sent to

You can contact the Foundation at 519-421-4226 or foundation@wgh.on.ca

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If you have any questions please email foundation@wgh.on.ca or call 519-421-4226

Past Winners

August Winner

Joseph Bondy, Ticket #J-1092854

$34, 898

July Winners

Ken and Audrey Howard, Ticket I-7070722


June Winner

Jessica Goncalves, Ticket H-2878231


May Winner

Vinod Bissoon, Ticket #G-7613137


April Winners

Amanda Rock and Jason Clark, Ticket #F-5973328


March Winner

Donna Payne and Grant Stewart, Ticket #E-7703120


February Winner

Teresa Post, Ticket #D-4941010


January Winner

Stacy Crown, Ticket #C-1603297


December Winner

Heather Leu, Ticket #B-7617038


November Winner

Heather Lonsway, Ticket #A-6554398